<<I was so impressed to see the positive changes in my child. Within the first week of attendance he started eating independently and has showed more new vocabularies..>> R Dahir

<<It is conveniently located near the station. I can park my car at the nursery and go to work. In the evening, I pick up my little one and drive back home.>> I Casey

<<As an employer, we have approached Le Nid Childcare for advice on how we can improve staff welfare. The team has provided invaluable insights on childcare vouchers. We are glad the scheme was not as complicated as we thought it was.>> S Clark

<< My little was shy and timid. Since he is attending Le Nid Childcare he is now more extrovert and self-dependent. I feel very proud to see him eating ny his own using fork and knife properly along with good table manners. My big thanks go to the team of Le Nid. I believe this is not just a nursery but also a mini-university for my little one. I highly recommend all parents to send their children to Le Nid…>> R. Dahir

<<My little one always enjoys his yummy yummy food at Le Nid Nursery. I see her very healthy and happy. A big cheers to Le Nid team…>>